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  • Liu Zhengjun


    Liu Zhengjun has served as Chairman of CITIC Construction since March 2024. He graduated with a master's degree and doctorate in economics.Previous posts:staff member, deputy director,director of Jinan Regional Office of National Audit Office of the People's Republic of China (CNAO),director general of Department of Public Finance Audit of CNAO, director general and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Changchun Regional Office of CNAO, director general of Department of Non-profit Government Agencies Audit of CNAO, director general of Law Department of CNAO and member of the CPC Leadership Group of CNAO.At present Executive Director and Vice President of CITIC Group Corporation,CITIC Limited and CITIC Corporation Limited.

  • Yang Jianqiang


    Yang Jianqiang has served as President of CITIC Construction since December 2023. He has an EMBA degree and holds the title of senior engineer. Yang Jianqiang has successfully held the posts of Assistant Manager of Middle Asia department, Deputy Manager of Eurasia department, Assistant President, Vice President of CITIC Construction and Deputy President of CITIC Construction.

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