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Africa Division of CITIC Construction and City Government of Kilamba Co-host New Year's Eve Celebrations

Post on:2020-01-07Source:Africa Division

Africa Division of CITIC Construction and government of Kilamba New City co-hosted New Year's eve celebrations on December 31, 2019.
The staff of Africa Division of CITIC Construction held a gathering and watched the fireworks performance together with representatives from all walks of life in the Kilamba New City. Murtala, Mayor of Kilamba, and Guo Sen, Deputy General Manager of African Division of CITIC Construction had friendly exchanges, bidding farewell to 2019 in a happy and peaceful atmosphere and looking forward to 2020.

As a builder and resident of Kilamba, CITIC Construction has been providing services to the government of the new city and 200,000 residents since the delivery of the first phase of K.K. project in 2012, which has been well received by the general public. In 2019, the chamber of commerce of Chinese enterprises and the Kilamba City government co-organized a marathon and brisk walking event in K.K. New City, attracting nearly 700 people. And they also organized and worked with citizens to remove garbage, cut weeds and build a clean K.K. New City, further deepening mutual integration. CITIC Construction’s brand was more shining in the hearts of local government and people.