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CITIC Construction Awarded Certificate of AAA Enterprise Credit Grade in International Project Contracting

Post on:2020-12-31Source:Comprehensive Affairs Office

The Sixth Plenary Session of the Seventh Council of China International Contractors Association (CHINCA) & 2020 Industry Annual Meeting was held in Xi`an from December 24 to 25, attracting nearly 300 representatives from about 150 CHINCA council members. As the vice chairman of the CHINCA, CITIC Construction attended the event upon invitation.

The AAA credit enterprise award ceremony was held on the sidelines of the event. CITIC Construction was awarded the certificate of AAA enterprise credit grade in international project contracting.

The certificate of enterprise credit grade in international project contracting issued by the CHINCA is an important certification for the comprehensive ability of the enterprise's international business, and also an important reference for the hierarchical management of international project contracting enterprises by the CHINCA. Enterprises rated as the AAA grade have more preferential conditions and convenience in terms of participating in business coordination, project recommendation and seeking support from financial institutions.