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The Owner and End-user of Seawater Desalination Project on Margarita Island of Venezuela Signs a Final Acceptance Letter to CITIC Construction

Post on:2021-05-24Source:Latin America Division

On May 10th, 2021 in Venezuela, CORPOVEX and the Ministry of Water Resources, the owner and end-user of seawater desalination project on Margarita Island signed a final acceptance letter to CITIC Construction, marking the handover of the main plant and the whole desalination system and that CITIC Construction has performed full contractual responsibilities and obligations as the contractor.

The seawater desalination project on Margarita Island is an important local project to improve people’s wellbeing. After completion, it can provide 1,000 liters of drinking water for each of 3,200 households in the region every day. In addition, the project is the first desalination plant contracted by CITIC Construction. Since its start in 2016, the project has attracted great attention from the Chinese and Venezuelan governments. Venezuelan President and senior government officials, Chinese Ambassador to Venezuela and Chinese Counselor have inspected the project for many times and highly commended it. The project has also has won praise from the local people.