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Chongli Ice and Snow Town International Convention and Exhibition Center Successfully Obtains Completion Acceptance Certificate and Handed over to Winter Olympic Office

Post on:2021-11-10Source:Domestic Business Division

On the morning of November 6, 2021, the International Convention and Exhibition Center of Chongli Ice and Snow Town obtained the completion acceptance certificate and was handed over to the Office of Winter Olympic Affairs in Zhangjiakou. Representatives from the Housing and Urban Development Bureau in Chongli, the management company of the project, CIECC Engineering Construction Project Management Corporation, the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology and geological & prospecting institutions participated in this final project check.

The exhibition center has a single building area of 68,139 square meters, with a frame structure underground and structurally reinforced concrete with a steel frame structure system above ground. It has a steel truss span of 36 meters, which meets the performance indicators of iconic projects of the special grade of qualification of general contracting. The five responsible parties agreed that CITIC Construction has completed the relevant contents of the contract as promised, and the construction met all the standards of structural safety, use function and aesthetic quality, and passed the acceptance inspection. The representatives of the five responsible parties signed a completion acceptance certificate together.

The successful acceptance of the project marks the completion of the Chongli Ice and Snow Town project into the final stage, providing a reference and experience for the following work on completion acceptance.