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Development Mission
Goal & Vision
Core Values
Enterprise Spirit
Requirements for Senior Management
Code of Conduct for Staff
  • High & Low

    High in horizon and low in attitude. Senior management should bear the mission of China in mind from a global perspective while maintaining a low attitude, loyalty to the CITIC Construction and selfless dedication to the society.

  • Innovation & Practicability

    Senior management should be able to conduct research and make innovative decisions through independent thinking while accomplishing major tasks based on reality.

  • Expertise & Comprehensiveness

    Senior management should be able to dip deep in one area and become a top-level expert in this field while broadening their eyesight and becoming a comprehensive talent for all-round development.

  • Marco & Micro

    Senior management should be able to command the big picture and the macro situation while managing every bit of the detail in the work.

  • High-level & Elementary

    Senior management should be able to reach to the high-level community and manage the tasks at leadership positions while fitting into the elementary positions and working hard in the first line of the business.

  • Strictness & Leniency

    Senior Management should be strict with themselves and obey the rules and the law while be lenient towards others with an open mind for the sake of win-win cooperation.

  • Courage & Resourcefulness

    Senior management should have fearless courage and a determined heart for winning while being able to map out crucial strategies even in basic environment.

  • Persistence & Flexibility

    Senior management should be able to enjoy the happiness from success and pursue excellence persistently while tolerating temporary setbacks based on the situation and turning the crisis into opportunities.