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Development Mission
Goal & Vision
Core Values
Enterprise Spirit
Requirements for Senior Management
Code of Conduct for Staff
Stay loyal to the motherland and care for the CITIC Group

Have a strong sense of patriotism, sense of mission and honor; consciously safeguard the country's reputation and the credibility of CITIC Group with the spirit of ownership.

Love own jobs; be loyalty, responsible and accountable; keep the company’s confidential information; cherish the assets and operation results of the company.

Be broad-minded and good at cooperation

Maintain a grateful and modest mind; treat people with modesty, courtesy, and respect; fully respect others' capability, personality and differences; treat colleagues as friends and cooperation as partners.

Actively support and help colleagues; share team outcomes. The growth of the team is my own growth.

Be hard-working and able to bear hardships and take heavy responsibilities

Overcome difficulties with courage; take the initiative to undertake responsibilities from crossed, blank and indistinct jobs without prevarication.

Pursue overall performance of the team; accept challenges with courage; be good at finding gaps; continuously improve and surpass oneself.

Selfless dedication and make contribution to the society

Take career as a priority regardless of fame, fortune and setbacks; provide products and high quality services that meet the needs of all proprietors and the public.

Effectively fulfill social responsibility; actively participate in the cause of social and public welfare; rescue the poor and help those in difficulty; support the economic development of our own country and project-host countries and push for social progress.

Abide by laws and regulations and preserve moral integrity

Abide by the laws, regulations, rules and ethical norms; completely eradicate commercial bribery; never resort to deceit; never reap the benefits alone and shift the blame to others; never talk people behind their backs; never provoke conflicts; never make compromise at the expense of personal integrity and never barter away principles.