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To be a world leading comprehensive provider in engineering construction

World leading means that CITIC Construction pursues sustainable development of high quality, dedicates to establishing brand and industry influences, and develops a unique business model that ranks the top among similar international enterprises. The company aims for high-end markets engaged by similar international enterprises.

The business scope of CITIC Construction mainly covers international project contracting. Based on this platform, the company will extend the value chain to the two ends of the traditional project contracting and focus on how to create greater values for proprietors as well as, satisfy the various needs of proprietors, their host countries, governments and society. In addition, the company can provide derivative business and comprehensive services touching upon consultation, investment and financing, project contracting and business operation in order to take up high-end markets and strengthen differentiated competitiveness.

In this course, CITIC Construction can give full play to the comprehensive advantages and synergistic effect of CITIC Group to expand the channel and seize the vantage point for the Group to go global.