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CITIC Construction Labor Union Organizes Activities about Occupational Health Guidance for Staff Members

Post on: 2021-04-20 Source: CITIC Construction Labor

On April 15, CITIC Construction Labor Union invited experts from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) hospitals to provide occupational health guidance for staff members. Volunteers from the Comprehensive Administration Department of the Domestic Business Division provided services for the event.


TCM experts took the pulses of the staff members, gave them timely feedback on their health status and existing problems, and provided them with instructions on the reasonable use of medicine. When it comes to occupational diseases like the cervical and lumbar spine diseases, which are common among the people with a sedentary lifestyle, the experts helped them to relieve pain and clear the meridians through traditional Chinese medicine methods such as massage, and offered them reasonable guidance on daily healthcare.


In addition to the on-site health guidance, these experts from the TCM hospitals also facilitated the stuff by providing them with door-to-door prescriptions and medicine delivery through the coordination of the head of the Labor Union Li Ling, thus saving them time for registration, billing, payment and medicine collection in the hospital.


The organization of these activities about occupational health guidance not only provided the staff with comprehensive dynamic assessment and advice concerning their health conditions, but also raised their awareness of healthcare.