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CITIC Construction Labour Union Hosts the Final of English Proficiency Competition Themed on Working with Talented Builders of the New Era

Post on: 2018-12-18

On December 11th, 2018, CITIC Construction Labour Union hosted the final of English proficiency competition which is themed on working with talented builders of the new era. Six contestants from different units competed against each other with their skills in English public speech and business knowledge. Chen Xiaojia, Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of CITIC Construction, attended and addressed the award ceremony. The leaders of the company including Liang Chuanxin, Fan Zheng, Hu Ping, Li Ling, Liu Shuchuan and Yan Li presented the awards to the winners. More than 60 people from all departments attended this event to cheer for their contestants.

Li Ling, Secretary for Disciplinary Inspection and Union President of CITIC Construction, expressed her gratitude to six professional judges. She pointed out that the company is currently at a critical juncture of transition in development. In order to push for a high-quality corporate development, the Union organized a variety of socialist labour emulation activities this year. The English proficiency competition organized by the Human Resource Department aims to foster versatile talents aligned with business needs, showcasing their enthusiasm in the new era. Li Ling also mobilized the contestants and wished for a wonderful competition.

In the first round of the six-into-three keynote speech contest, six contestants showcased their different styles and distinct personalities. Tightly around the theme of “working with talented builders of the new era”, some of them highly appraised those who have already been in the fifties for their efforts in frontlines of domestic projects; some gave an overview on the company’s hard work along the Belt and Road; some praised the builders’ courage and persistence in exploring the target market despite of difficulties; some exclaimed that they are attracted by the culture of home in the company and some expressed their gratitude to their mentors for guiding them in how to interact with others and how to improve their business abilities. Contestants who were unable to be present still participated in the competition via video connections. Due to the tight working schedule, Zhai Tiantian voluntarily gave up his arrival at the competition but presented his speech via video connection along his business trip to Kenya. His eloquence was widely recognized and won rounds of applause from the audience present. After the speech, contestants also gave an impromptu response to the judges’ questions.

After fierce competition, three contestants were qualified for the second round. Drawing by lot, they were supposed to participate in business knowledge Q&A around FIDIC Provisions successively. This competition part showcased participants’ professional skills and pushed the game to a climax.

After the heated discussion by judging panel, a judge who is a foreign expert declared that the first prize went to Wang Haozhen from the East Europe and CIS Division, the second prize to Wang Zhao from the Investment Department and Wu Tianhao from the Middle East Division, and the third prize to Zhang Wei from the Africa Division, Zhang Liang from the Asia-Pacific Division, Hu Debin from the Domestic Business Division, Zhai Tiantian from the Market Development Department. On the spot of the competition, the first prize for online competition and the award for the Most Popular Participator were also given. With the comprehensive consideration of written test participation rate, average mark and oratorical contest score in all participant units, the first group prize went to the Middle East Division, the second to the Africa Division and Asia-Pacific Division, and the third prize to the East Europe and CIS Division, Headquarter and the Domestic Business Division.

Chen Xiaojia delivered a speech after the game, pointing out that the new era is the era for the strivers, and making differences is essential to the builders. He put forward three expectations for the company’s employees: First, you should have an open and inclusive mindset with global horizon and vision. Take the initiative to learn about the culture and values of the country where the project is located, and meet the problems and challenges of world concern; Second, you should keep your feet on the ground, and build yourself up from the most basic and trivial tasks with calmness. Success often goes to people with great patience and solid working experience. And the company will encourage its employees to improve their business capabilities with institutional supports; third, you should have a bold vision and courage in action. You should be result-oriented, forge ahead with determination, and focus on how to break limits and achieve cross-sectoral development. You should turn yourself into an international talent with comprehensive capabilities, shoulder the development of CITIC Construction and steer the course of your life towards a promising future.