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CITIC Construction Holds 2016 New Staff Training

Post on: 2016-07-22 Source: Human Resource Department

From July 7th to 9th, 2016, CITIC Construction successfully held staff training for 40 new comers.  As a major project of "Fangyuan Plan", a CITIC Construction training system, contents including enterprise culture, development history, business situation, overseas security, professional quality and teamwork were taught systematically at the training. The training provided important theoretical and practical guidance for new staff so that they can more profoundly and comprehensively understand CITIC as well as get into respective work roles more quickly.

On July 7th, Li Shizhou, former leader of the CITIC Construction reviewed the company’s development history with new staff. He introduced the painstaking history of CITIC Construction over the past several years with various well-documented and extensive evidence, and expounded the principle and experience on behaving as well as handling affairs to trainees, which let them benefit a lot. In addition, he also required party members among new staff to earnestly participate in the studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building organized by the company. On July 8th, Yang Jianqiang, Assistant President and Director-General of the Department of Eastern Europe and CIS of CITIC Construction introduced CITIC’s business model to trainees, and brought forward the topic concerning what kind of talents does the CITIC Construction need and his great expectation for new staff. Based on his own thoughts and management experience over the years, he showed the engineering projects which were vigorously carried out by CITIC Construction, as well as opportunities and challenges brought by the "Belt and Road" initiative.

CITIC Construction also conducted training covering aspects such as informatization, overseas security, human resource system and professional quality. On July 9th, all staff took part in an experiential outward bound under the theme of CITIC Vitality, Ultimate Challenge in Garden Show Park at a high temperature of nearly 40 degrees..

On July 12th, at a summing-up meeting of the training, Li Ling, Union President and Secretary for Disciplinary Inspection encouraged the new employees with her own experience as a staff who has worked in CITIC Construction for 22 years. She told the new employees to cherish their opportunities, stick to their position, learn to adapt, never give up studying, always obey the orders and have a grateful heart. She hopes the new staff can remember their original intention, work hard and contribute their efforts to CITIC Construction.