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CITIC Construction Organizes Staff Training Camp Themed “Heart Energy & New Growth” in Venezuela

Post on: 2014-11-02 Source: Human Resources Department

From October 24th to 26th, 2014, the Human Resources Department of CITIC Construction and the Venezuela National Region of CITIC Construction jointly organized the 2014 training camp of sunshine project for staff in Venezuela under the theme of “Heart Energy & New Growth” at the Tiuna Social Housing Project site. Liang Chuanxin, Vice President of CITIC Construction and General Manager of Latin American Region, Li Ling, Assistant President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Liu Bingxin, Assistant President and Deputy General Manager of Latin American Region and Yang Henghui, Assistant President joined this training camp throughout the process. Over 60 people from the Venezuela National Region participated in this training.

During the three-day training, two EAP (Employee Assistance Program) experts organized various activities, including four themed interactive training for all staff: Discover Your Advantages: The Application of PDP (Professional Dynametric Programs) in Communication, Caring for Physical and Psychological Health & Facilitating Self-growth, Grow in Intimate Relationships, and Parenthood and Family Interaction; two interactive team building activities: Positive Energy Stimulates Team Vitality and The Power of Praise; a course on management skills and problem identification for administrative staff in the Greater Latin American Region, general survey of psychological health for all staff and one-to-one psychological counseling. As a result, all participating staff relieved their physical and psychological stress, deepened their understanding of each other’s personal communication style, learned the standard of physical and psychological health as well as the method of self-identification, practiced and realized the accompanying mode for long-distance couples, mastered how to balance their relations with the whole family in parent-child interaction, realized the importance of praise in team communication, and thus further stimulated the team’s vitality and passion.

When summarizing the training, Liang Chuanxin, Vice President of CITIC Construction pointed out that the training was fairly good with the training content and feedbacks far exceeding expectations. By using theoretical knowledge, the experts helped the staff tease out many team building and communication skills and provided professional guidance, which improved all participants’ level of practice. Similar sunshine projects for staff should be organized every year, and it is believed this is fairly conducive to team building, communication, interaction and psychological health of the staff in Greater Latin American Region.

All participating staff expressed that the three-day activity brought them a mind massage, relieved their physical and psychological stress, improved their working efficiency, and also strengthened their determination to take roots overseas and make progress constantly.