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CITIC Construction Initiates Staff Training on The Series of Courses on Overseas Personal Safety Protection

Post on: 2014-04-03 Source: Human Resources Department

On March 31st, 2014, CITIC Construction initiated the staff training on The Series of Courses on Overseas Personal Safety Protection of Multimedia Business Academy.

In accordance with CITIC Construction’s strategic requirements on improving risk management ability, and in order to further enhance the staff’s personal safety awareness  and let them keep personal safety protection knowledge deep in mind, the Human Resources Department ]tailored the series of courses for the staff after extensive research and consultation, and 6 months of  compiling and modifying.

This series of courses consist of six parts, in which such knowledge as preparations of the staff before going abroad, self rescue and mutual rescue, anti-monitoring and anti-stalking, field survival, international general military sign language and SOS emergency assistance services of CITIC were systematically taught. Endowing pleasure to teaching, the courses demonstrated the protection knowledge concerning personal safety through the easiest way, and thus improved practicability and interest of the training.

As for colleagues who were unable to learn online due to network access restriction, the Human Resources Department of CITIC Construction had handed out training CD in advance to guarantee that every overseas employee could learn these courses. Moreover, the Department also promoted the training courses throughout the whole company in various ways, such as releasing the trailer for training, posting reminders on the company’s intranet home page, sending notifications and emails, making training panels and opening WeChat official account, which immensely motivated the enthusiasm of the staff to participate in the training.