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  • CITIC Construction-Hunan Civil Air Defense Engineering Institute

    In January, 2014, CITIC Construction signed an equity acquisition agreement on Hunan Civil Air Defense Engineering Institute, and then set up a branch, namely CITIC Construction- Hunan Civil Air Defense Engineering Institute. In October, 2014, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development examined and approved CITIC Construction for meeting the national qualification and standard, and issued a Class-A Design Qualification Certificate for Civil Air Defense. Since then, CITIC Construction has obtained the Class-A Design Qualification Certificate for Civil Air Defense in the construction industry and become one of the 23 enterprises and public institutes with such qualification around the country as well as successfully entered into the civil air defense design and construction market, which is an area of resource sacristy in China.
  • CITIC Construction-Belarus Industrial Design Engineering LLC

    In June, 2014, CITIC Construction and Belarus Industrial Design Institute established a joint venture—CITIC Construction-Belarus Industrial Design Engineering LLC. Both sides will strengthen the effective use of resources and experience, earnestly improve the efficiency of Chinese-funded enterprises in the transformation work of early-stage design of the project, and provide engineering services such as design, design document conversion and engineering consultation for general contracting projects in Belarus and third-party countries.
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