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Chongqing Rail Transit Project

In August 2007, the contract for Chongqing Rail Transit Line 2 Project was officially signed. It was prescribed in the contract that the Line 2 Project would adopt the straddle monorail system and there should be 18 stations along the 19.15-kilometer-long rail. CITIC Construction served as the general contractor of the electromechanical equipment systems and the supplier of the electromechanical equipment package consisting of the signal equipment system, the power supply equipment system, the power supply line system and the turnout system. 

Chongqing Rail Transit Line 3, extending from Yudong to North Huancheng Road (Airport Development Zone), has a total length of about 60km. It adopted the straddle monorail traffic system. Chongqing Rail Transit Line 1, extending from Chaotianmen in the east to the University Town in the west, was designed to reach Mount Bishan in light of the long-range plan. With a total length of 46 km, Line 1 adopted the underground railway model.