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Prosper Construction Holdings Limited Project

CITIC International Investment Limited, an investment subsidiary under CITIC Construction, became a shareholder of Prosper Construction Holdings Limited (PCHL) in February, 2016. PCHL is engaged in the provision of marine construction services in Hong Kong, Macao and other parts of Southeast Asia. Its marine construction services include dredging and non-dredging ground treatment, reclamation, pier construction, offshore facilities foundation works, marine transportation and ship chartering. The company went public on the HKEx Main Board in July, 2016. 

CITIC Construction adopts an operation strategy of “securing general contracting by providing investment, financing as well as preliminary service to our customers, which will in turn promote the development of relevant industries”. The investment of CITIC International Investment Limited to the PCHL is an attempt for the company to enter the market of marine construction based on the strategy. The CITIC Construction will proactively seek in-depth cooperation with the PCHL in Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia, so as to improve its capability to implement China's "Belt and Road" initiative.