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CITIC Construction provided temporary shelter and donated living materials for residents affected by rainstorm in Luanda

Post on: 2023-05-08 Source: Africa Division

On April 24, 2023, CITIC Construction Angola National Region Business Division actively responded to the call of the Angolan government and the embassy in Angola to provide assistance to the people affected by rainstorm in Luanda, the capital. The company has provided the campus of CITIC BN Vocational School as a temporary shelter for the disaster victims, and donated emergency supplies such as mattresses, bedding, food, and daily necessities to assist the disaster victims in overcoming difficulties, demonstrating CITIC's social responsibility in building society. Arlindo dos Santos, Mayor of Blelas, Luanda, government social affairs officials, and many affected residents of shelter attended the handover and donation ceremony on site.

Mayor Arlindo sincerely thanks CITIC Construction for its strong support and assistance. He stated that as a highly socially responsible enterprise, CITIC Construction has provided warmth and care to the disaster victims in Luanda through this donation, effectively solving the difficulties of the local government and people, and bringing them closer to the people of Angola. Li Kunlin, Deputy General Manager of Angola National Region Business Division, stated that CITIC Construction has been deeply rooted in Angola for many years and has always regarded fulfilling social responsibility as an important starting point and foothold for its development in Angola. It is CITIC Construction's social responsibility to provide timely assistance to the affected residents and effectively share the concerns of the local government.

After the donation ceremony, the Blelas Municipal Government and CITIC Construction signed a temporary shelter handover and material donation document, and distributed materials to the affected residents on site. Currently, approximately 200 affected families are now sheltering in the temporary shelter provided by CITIC.