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Opening Ceremony for Annaba Province Interchange of Algeria East-West Highway84km Eastern Section Project Takes Place

Post on: 2023-11-17 Source: Africa Division

After Algeria East-West Highway84km Eastern Section Project Project’s 84km main section was officially put into service on August 12, one more good news about interchange was released: on November 11, the interchange in Annaba Province was put into running according to the set goal, and an opening ceremony was held and attended by Mr. Abdelkader Djellaoui , governor of Annaba Province, and Mr. Zakhni , director-general of the Public Engineering Bureau of Annaba Province.

Mr. Abdelkader Djellaoui cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony and gave high recognition to the project construction. He spoke highly of the pavement engineering quality, and expressed gratitude to all parties concerned for their efforts in the project construction.

Annaba Province Interchange is located at the junction between No. 21 national highway and No. 84 national highway, and it serves as the only hub that connects Algeria East-West Highway with Annaba Province in the north with Guelma Province in the south. Successful running of the interchange marks that Annaba and Guelma have achieved their long-cherished goal of the past 13 years and officially stepped on the fast track of social development. That will greatly ease local traffic pressure, facilitate the general public’s travel, and benefit local economic construction.

Algeria East-West Highway’s owner, supervisor, Chinese cooperator representatives, local government officials, and media journalists etc. attended the opening ceremony.