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CITIC Construction Signs Contract for the Saudi Ministry of Interior Riyadh Security Forces Medical City MEP Project

Post on: 2024-05-10 Source: Middle East Division

On April 23, 2024, Yang Jianqiang, General Manager of CITIC Construction, and Fandi K. Makrem, General Manager of Setraa Almuruj Contracting Company (hereinafter referred to as "SAC Company"), signed a contract for the Saudi Ministry of Interior Riyadh Security Forces Medical City MEP Project, marking the official launch of CITIC Construction's first project on the Saudi market.

The Security Forces Medical Center is located approximately 20km away from the west of King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, with a total planned area of 2.5 million m2. At present, various building structures with an area of 490,000 ㎡ have been completed. After full completion, it will provide at least 1,248 hospital beds, and children, oncology, and other specialty medical centers. Besides, the Project also includes supporting facilities such as staff living areas, with a total investment of over USD 3.5 billion. It is the largest medical investment project in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Region.

CITIC Construction will collaborate with SAC Company to undertake the M&E engineering installation for Buildings 3&4 of the Security Forces Medical Center, with a total construction area of 129,200 m2. The specific scope includes material procurement, installation, and commissioning of ventilation and air conditioning systems, electrical systems, fire protection systems, and piping systems. The construction period of the Project is 30 months. The Contract for this Project takes effect immediately upon signing, and the construction period will be calculated according to the Contract Agreement.

CITIC Construction is negotiating with relevant parties regarding subsequent projects in the Security Forces Medical Center, preparing to further expand the scope of cooperation.

The head of the Middle East Business Department of CITIC Construction attended the signing ceremony.