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People's Daily Overseas Edition Headline on CITIC Construction Practicing the Silk Road Strategy

Post on: 2014-10-22

On September 1, People's Daily Overseas Edition published a signed headline article: “CITIC Construction Practicing the Silk Road Strategy”. The article carries the interview with Madame Hong Bo, Assistant President of CITIC Group and Chair of CITIC Construction, and highlights the CITIC Construction's experience in implementing the “Go Global” strategy while upholding its principle of “morality before profit, mutual benefit and common development”.

According to the article, CITIC Construction, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Group and an important platform for the implementation of China's international strategy, has kept its faith in its operation principle of “morality before profit, mutual benefit and common development”. Its efforts to stimulate local economic development and enhance people's living conditions have won wide admiration. By doing this, CITIC Construction has succeeded winning opportunities for its own development, ranking a Top 50 in the ENR Top 250 International Contractors with an annual profit of over 1 billion RMB for 3 successive years and a per capita profit rate much higher than its international counterparts. President Xi Jinping has acknowledged CITIC Construction's achievements on several occasions.

When interviewed, Chair Hong Bo points out that President Xi's strategic conception of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road actually proposes a new model for regional cooperation and therefore serves as an important guideline for Chinese enterprises to implement the “Go Global” strategy. She also emphasizes that the practice of the “morality before profit” principle has not led to a stand-off between the two but great achievements in both respects.

According to Chair Hong Bo, CITIC Construction will take lessons from previous experiences and continue to pursuing the morality first policy so as to contribute to local development. As an important player in the “Go Global” strategy, CITIC Construction will not fail President Xi's trust but practice and carry forward, in every aspect, the Silk Road Spirit of “peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, and mutual benefits and win-win”.